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Mon, 7 November, 2011

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Alliance Capital is looking for new agents that have experience with the Sweet Submit platform. Please send us your Sweet Submit profile and describe how you use this site's tools on a daily basis. More...
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Learn All About Sweet Submit!

SweetSubmit is a loan search engine for mortgage brokers and their agents, as well as a collaborative management tool built on real & extensive rates from your lenders that helps you interface with your account executives from loan submission until funding.

  • Unlike other loan search software where the majority of work to close a file still happens via disorganized methods of yesteryear (think Fedex, large file drawers, too much time on the phone and lots of index fingers on complex rate sheets), SweetSubmit facilitates communication and organization throughout the complete lending life-cycle.
  • And guess what the sweetest bit is? There are no monthly or yearly payments! Ours is free, there are no costs to use SweetSubmit.

After a quick approval, begin entering your borrower's loan specs and you'll find multiple wholesale lenders putting their best foot forward with interest rates and lender ratings for you to choose from. And after you've selected that Sweet program, upload your files and click Submit, so we can shoot it on over to your Account Executive so his/her team may start underwriting with progressive-best practices for today's lending environment.

People ask us: "Exactly how far does your system go? How accurate are the rates?"

Our Answer: Sweet Submit is built on the industry's most advanced rate creation tools on the market.

Manage Your Files

All rates from lenders are acquired through exhaustive (yet intuitive--we like to make it easy for lenders too!) tabular & graphical rate builders that cover all the factors that make up your borrowers' loan specs.

Think a game of battle ship or a game of bingo without having to put your finger on B3 or A5 200 times before closing an ever-changing file at the interest rate your borrowers deserve.

Add Gradient
  • Our lenders build and maintain this for you so you can get the closest to final rate you'll ever receive so early on. And the best part is that even if your borrower's loan spec specs change, the rate will be re-calculated and you and your AE will be notified. In the same way that you search for loan programs on the Submit Files page, you can continuously update your borrowers' specs (and so can your AEs) to reflect the most accurate rates.
  • With SweetSubmit you'll search, submit & manage files in your pipeline, watching them move from 'conditional' to funded, start to finish, a to z.
  • You'll also be able to connect & track communication with lenders, account executives and other brokers.

Manage Your Files

All tools within SweetSubmit are sweetly integrated with the Sweet Submit Mortgage Professional Community.

Find lender rankings, initiate and record communication with your AEs, receive news and updates on the mortgage industry, and even return with your own contribution for everybody to see; It's all here, in one place.

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