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The way interest factors work is like an addition and subtraction problem coupled with a game of battleship or bingo. Imagine that Credit Score, LTV, Loan Amount, etc are all vertically aligned in a big addition/subtraction problem. These are your "interest factors." This equation can be as big as you want or as little as a lender sets, but we advise the more the better, as it provides submitting brokers far more accurate rates.

Rate Builder

Ok, so now, what's that bit about "BattleShip" and "Bingo"? Well, the idea is that each interest factor you make is composed of tables that you would see in a spreadsheet. The battleship/bingo part comes into play when brokers start searching for your loan programs. So if their borrower has a Property Value of $500,000, we navigate to the corresponding interest factor's table, and plug in the Property Value and return the equivalent of B5 or A1 or whatever interest rate is in the cell that holds the addon rate for a property value of $500,000.

  • The addition/subtraction problem bit comes into play when SweetSubmit adds up each of these addon rates to produce the final interest rate a borrower receives from a given loan program.
  • $500,000 Property Value: + 0.25%
  • 2nd Home: + 1.00%
  • $65,000 Buydown: - 0.5%
  • Total: 0.75% in add-ons

If a lender wants to get more complex, SweetSubmit even offers the ability to combine 2 interest factors to make a "double interest factor." Say a loan program produces one rate for when a borrower has a Credit Score of 700 and an LTV 80% and another rate for when a borrower has a Credit Score of 660 and the same LTV.

We can use what we call a "Cross-Reference" to create a spreadsheet with an X AND Y-axis. When a broker's searching for rates, SweetSubmit will grab the number in the cell corresponding to LTV 80% and whichever Credit Score entered, and we'll add it with all the other add-ons.

  • 80% LTV x 700 Credit Score: +5.00% (2 interest Factors)
  • All Other Add-ons: +0.75%
  • Total: 5.75%
  • OR
  • 80% LTV x 660 Credit Score: +6.50% (2 interest Factors)
  • All Other Add-ons: +0.75%
  • Total: 7.25%
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